Various Treatment Procedures for Curing Acidity

Acidity is a very common problem of human beings which affects almost all age group. Before discussing acidity treatment we should discuss few basic things about acidity. Excess production of acid by the stomachs’ the share our website gastric glands cause a set of symptoms which is defined as acidity. The Normal secretion of a stomach is hydrochloric acid which helps in digestion and breakdown of food we eat. Symptoms of acidity are like dyspepsia, gastric inflammation, heartburn and that may lead to ulcers in the stomach. So though this is a common problem in all of us but acidity treatment should be taken to get rid of further problem. Various treatments for acidity are as follows-
Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic remedy stimulates individuals to own immune system to solve any health related issues. Acidity treatment can be done with few tiny doses of homeopathic medicines. To get rid of the painful burning senses of acid reflux homeopathy offers a wide range of remedies. If you feel acidic symptoms immediately go to a homeopathic consultant.
Allopathic Treatment
For a general acidity treatment, one should consult with general physician or general health consultant. But in case of a critical chronic gastric problem, one should consult with a gastroenterologist. Though many antacids are available in open market but self-medication is not advisable.
Ayurvedic Treatment
In Ayurveda acidity is referred to as amla pitta. One can consult an Ayurvedic specialist for the best acidity treatment. Also, one can follow very easy home Ayurvedic remedies as follows
Mint read here Leaves or Pudina
In a pot of boiling water add few mint leaves and keep it boiling for few minutes. Let the water be cooled and drink it. Mint has a good control over acid secretion of stomach and it increases digestion capability of our stomach. Mint has a cooling property which helps in reducing the burning sense and pain of acidity. Use of mint is a very good acidity treatment.
Take nine to ten tulsi leaves and chew on a regular basis preferably at morning. One can also chew tulsi leaves for immediate acidity treatment when acidity symptoms are felt. Its antiulcer properties help to reduce the effects of gastric acid. Mucous production in stomach is stimulated by Tulsi leaves, which in turn helps in reducing acidity symptoms.
Saunf or Aniseed
Take 1-liter water and boil few aniseeds in it. Leave it overnight after a complete boiling of the mixture and let it be cooled down. Drink the water on next day during acidity feeling at the day time. Aniseeds are a good acidity treatment’s natural ingredients which have very good anti-ulcer properties. In addition, this aniseed water gives relieves from constipation and improves digestion. Also chewing of saunf helps in quick relief from acidity but this is temporary acidity treatment.
Acidity should be taken as a serious problem and one should go for a consultation as per their choice immediately for read here acidity treatment. Though at starting one can ignore it but in long run, it can cause ulcer and in turn that can further lead to cancer. So take a consultation at the very starting of acidity problem.

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