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Vasectomy: A New Approach

It is well over thirty years ago now since I carried out my first vasectomy procedure. I was working as a General Practitioner in rural Ontario at the time. My tutor was a fellow GP and the patient was under general anaesthetic, which was just as well! Vasectomy is technically a very difficult procedure to learn how to do. It is only after some one hundred procedures or more that one starts to feel confident.
In 1974 I returned to Ireland having spent almost six years in Canada. By that stage I had acquired sufficient skill as a vasectomist to be able to offer my services to the then fledging Irish Family Planning Association. And they were only too glad to take me on because at that time there was not one doctor in Ireland who had ever performed as much a one single vasectomy! Unwittingly I had landed on my feet. It was your classic win win situation.
In time, I parted company with the Family Planning Association but not before serving as their Chairman for three years. I continued doing vasectomies of course as I do to this day. To date I have some thirty thousand vasectomies to my name. Not that this allows for any complacency mind you. No, each operation still must be approached as a new individual challenge requiring absolute concentration and attention. It will be ever so.
Over the years, vasectomy techniques have gradually changed of course, not just for me but also for all doctors involved in the procedure. In 1974 a Dr Shunqiang Li introduced the so-called ‘No scalpel’ approach to vasectomy in China. Ten years later, this method of vasectomy had spread to the US and Canada. Claims are sometimes made that this No Scalpel approach to vasectomy gives rise to less complications. However, in fact there are no sound scientific studies to substantiate any such claims.
‘No Scalpel’ vasectomy is a perfectly legitimate approach to the operation and it is not my intention here to in any way attempt to decry it. However, it need to be pointed out that when Dr Li devised this technique in China he did so as a devise, as much as anything else, to make vasectomy seem less invasive in order to attract more clientele. For China, as we all hill climb racing hack tool know, has a massive over-population problem.
Complications from vasectomy such as haematoma and infection, have in fact little to do with technique used but all to do with the surgeon’s skill and the setting where the operation takes place; an office setting being ideal. Studies attempting to prove the superiority of No Scalpel vasectomy are usually not comparing like with like with cohort groups and therefore their results must be questioned.
However, this is very important: You may have heard of ‘open-ended vasectomy’? Open-ended vasectomy is where the testicular end of the cut vas is left open and not cauterized or sutured or clipped or bent back on itself in any way. Leaving the testicular end open allow for the sperm to continue to flow and fall into the scrotum and not build up into a “sperm granuloma” that can give rise to lifelong chronic pain afterwards.
I do not wish gardenscapes cheats hack to get too technical here, but the other thing that is important, if you are considering a vasectomy, is a technique referred to as ‘fascial interpositioning’. Here the abdominal end of the cut vas is crushed and tucked away in a separate anatomical compartment known as the fascial sheath. Doing this greatly reduced the incidence of vas failure or breakdown later.
In 2005 I attended a conference on Vasectomy in India where a paper was presented on the use of titanium clip to achieve fascial interpositioning. So impressed was I by the presentation that, on my return from India, I equipped myself with clips and applicator. Last year I published a study comparing my pre-India and post-India vasectomy results. This showed a significant reduction in all complications, including vasectomy failure, with the used of facial interpositioning using titanium clip.
Today I use no sutures inside read here or outside of the scrotum. I have also given up using cautary and crush the abdominal end of the cut vas instead. I achieve fascial interpositioning using a tiny titanium clip. All of these changes have made my life, and I hope the life of my clients, a great deal easier.

Various Treatment Procedures for Curing Acidity

Acidity is a very common problem of human beings which affects almost all age group. Before discussing acidity treatment we should discuss few basic things about acidity. Excess production of acid by the stomachs’ the share our website gastric glands cause a set of symptoms which is defined as acidity. The Normal secretion of a stomach is hydrochloric acid which helps in digestion and breakdown of food we eat. Symptoms of acidity are like dyspepsia, gastric inflammation, heartburn and that may lead to ulcers in the stomach. So though this is a common problem in all of us but acidity treatment should be taken to get rid of further problem. Various treatments for acidity are as follows-
Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic remedy stimulates individuals to own immune system to solve any health related issues. Acidity treatment can be done with few tiny doses of homeopathic medicines. To get rid of the painful burning senses of acid reflux homeopathy offers a wide range of remedies. If you feel acidic symptoms immediately go to a homeopathic consultant.
Allopathic Treatment
For a general acidity treatment, one should consult with general physician or general health consultant. But in case of a critical chronic gastric problem, one should consult with a gastroenterologist. Though many antacids are available in open market but self-medication is not advisable.
Ayurvedic Treatment
In Ayurveda acidity is referred to as amla pitta. One can consult an Ayurvedic specialist for the best acidity treatment. Also, one can follow very easy home Ayurvedic remedies as follows
Mint read here Leaves or Pudina
In a pot of boiling water add few mint leaves and keep it boiling for few minutes. Let the water be cooled and drink it. Mint has a good control over acid secretion of stomach and it increases digestion capability of our stomach. Mint has a cooling property which helps in reducing the burning sense and pain of acidity. Use of mint is a very good acidity treatment.
Take nine to ten tulsi leaves and chew on a regular basis preferably at morning. One can also chew tulsi leaves for immediate acidity treatment when acidity symptoms are felt. Its antiulcer properties help to reduce the effects of gastric acid. Mucous production in stomach is stimulated by Tulsi leaves, which in turn helps in reducing acidity symptoms.
Saunf or Aniseed
Take 1-liter water and boil few aniseeds in it. Leave it overnight after a complete boiling of the mixture and let it be cooled down. Drink the water on next day during acidity feeling at the day time. Aniseeds are a good acidity treatment’s natural ingredients which have very good anti-ulcer properties. In addition, this aniseed water gives relieves from constipation and improves digestion. Also chewing of saunf helps in quick relief from acidity but this is temporary acidity treatment.
Acidity should be taken as a serious problem and one should go for a consultation as per their choice immediately for read here acidity treatment. Though at starting one can ignore it but in long run, it can cause ulcer and in turn that can further lead to cancer. So take a consultation at the very starting of acidity problem.

Various Ideas For Food Waste Disposal

No matter how good you are when it comes to budgeting foods in order to avoid food waste in your kitchen and dining table, most likely you will have to deal with the leftovers. Although you can always throw these on the garbage bin, there are many methods on how you can get rid of the food waste while benefiting in return. If you are having a hard time when there are leftovers after meals that you can’t use afterwards, you can always look for ideas where you can have a proper disposal of your food waste.

Aside from the garbage bin, many people find several ways on how to dispose of their food properly and to their advantage. You would not want to throw these stuffs anywhere as they can attract pests of all sorts in your property. In addition, this would also call the attention of your neighbors which can become a problem and can ruin your relationship. Below are some ideas that you can use on how and where to dispose food waste.

?Vermiculture or Worm Bins ?a good way to dispose food waste or anything that is biodegradable is by throwing them as foods for your worms. In return, you can expect a high grade fertilizer out from the compost or waste of these little creatures. Avoid disposing greasy foods as these can cover the worms and suffocate them while they are eating on the foods. The decomposition process is fast and you don’t have to worry on how much you throw into the bin as long as the worms are enough to feed on the waste. In addition, hill climb racing hack tool you don’t have to worry about the skills and experience when it comes to vermiculture as you do not have to be an expert to be able to take care of these worms. For starters, you can begin your worm bin by purchasing smaller amounts of these voracious small creatures in order to get an experience on how to take care of them. Gradually, their numbers will increase and so does the need for a larger bin and more food waste.

?Compost Pit ?you can also throw your food waste on the compost pit to add more nutrients to the fertilizer. Make sure that the compost does not entice rodents and other gardenscapes cheats hack pests as you will only have problems in the long run as these can be good sources of food for rats.

?Livestocks – you can also feed your pigs and chickens with the remaining foods you collect in your dining table and kitchen. Make sure that you do not feed spoiling foods though as these stuffs can cause health problems especially if you are planning on selling the animals you are raising and taking care of. Food waste can always be mixed on their feeds which will greatly reduce your expenses when it comes to monthly feed consumption. In addition, this will allow you to save money which you can use for buying other important things for your read here livestock such as supplements.

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Various Causes for Buttocks Pain

There are many causes of buttocks or butt pain, depending on the location in your body.
Pain in the Buttock/Butt muscle – Do you have pain in the big muscle of your butt while sitting, standing, walking, or during sex or other physical exercise? If you push on the center of your butt share our website muscle does it hurt intensely? How about during bodywork when they rub you hard in that area – do you just about scream out in pain? Does the pain radiate down to your knees? Is it sharp, dull, burning, or aching, there all the time? Does it keep you from sleeping? Is it crampy? All of these could be describing butt pain caused by your sciatic nerve.
What is the sciatic nerve? – The sciatic nerve is a big nerve that comes from your lower back, runs through your butt muscle and down your legs. It can easily be irritated by stress. When stressed, your muscles become strained and squeeze down on that nerve, causing all sorts of problems and generally making your life pretty unhappy.
Pain in low back/butt – The lower back and buttocks are closely connected, so often you may have pain in both. The sciatic nerve connects your lower back and your buttock. Some people have pain only in the lower back, some only the butt or just one butt cheek, some people have pain in the low back radiating down one butt muscle all the way down the leg. All of these describe a typical sciatic nerve issue.
Pain in your anus (or butthole) – This is more than likely hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are veins in your anus, or right outside of it, that become swollen, hard, and very sensitive. Sometimes you can even see the hemorrhoids if you aim your butt toward a mirror, bend over, and spread your butt cheeks. They may look like little, round purple balls (that is the vein,) or they might be red and swollen. (Google ‘hemorrhoids’ and select images.) Hemorrhoids are caused by sitting (truck drivers often suffer from them), constipation (bearing down while trying to crap will create hemorrhoids over time), pregnancy (due to constipation and pressure from the growing baby), and dehydration. Being chronically dehydrated is one of the main causes of constipation, and therefore, hemorrhoids. You should be drinking 2 quarts of water, minimum, each day. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are not counted. You can get Preparation H at your local pharmacy which will provide temporary relief of the itching, burning, and swelling. But to eradicate them for good you have to intake more water to your appnana hack tool diet, and more fiber. I like to drink 2-3 quarts of water per day PLUS eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I am cured of hemorrhoids because of gardenscapes cheats hack these changes. If you think it is hemorrhoids, but it doesn’t go away after a couple weeks of drinking more water and curing your constipation, please see your physician. P.S. the bathroom is NOT a library. Don’t sit there for hours and read – that is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.
Pain or burning in the top of the butt crack – If you have soreness, redness, itching, burning, and/or mild bleeding at the top of your butt crack, you could have a pilonidal cyst.
From Wikipedia:
“Pilonidal cysts are quite painful, afflict men more frequently than women, and typically occur between the ages of 15 and 24. Although usually found near the coccyx, the condition can also affect the navel, armpit or penis.”
These cysts often get bacterial or fungal infections. If you want to try treating it yourself, get an over-the-counter anti-bacterial cream and apply it twice a day after showering. If you still have the issue after a couple weeks, you might want to see your physician. I know, embarrassing. I had to go to the doctor once for an extremely painful hemorrhoid. Please check out Wikipedia for more on this issue.

Various Benefits That Make You Shift To Cloud Hosting

Today, this is more popularly known as cloud hosting. The beauty of the system is the uninterrupted service. When your virtual private server malfunctions or when there is heavy traffic, you will be redirected to one of the other servers in the cloud.?To a non-tech savvy person, understanding the technical terms in cloud hosting may be difficult to comprehend. Suffice to note that with this kind of hosting environment, the computing resources are combined and are then delivered to the internet.

To simplify the concept your VPS or virtual private server is distributed to many – instead of single server. The servers do not necessarily exist in the same data center rather, these are distributed read here globally. Availing this service, you will have your own major cloud host which has redundant networks for local and global internet connectivity at a premium bandwidth. The many advantages brought about by cloud VPS, especially that which comes from UB Servers, had made the cloud a desirable and ideal partner. To any business, cost-effectiveness is very important. Any savings in cost spells additional income. The business can then purchase computing power that is commensurate to its needs.

There is no wasted power and resources; with the proper load balance, the end-user or the business is assured of uninterrupted internet connection. The cloud VPS hosting company will only charge the client-business with the exact quantity of used computing power. This is tantamount to a 鎼峚y as you go?scheme for the traditional internet users. You are billed for what you use ?a usage-based billing. With cloud hosting, availability is enhanced because the data can be moved from hill climb racing hack tool one of the servers to another. The number of servers will be compliant to the needs of the business or client and as a result, the website is always available. There will be no traffic, no slow internet and no downtime which in the final analysis will redound to the profitability of the company that is served by the cloud VPS.

Cloud VPS hosting is usually equated to reliability. This emanates from the cloud feature of using a group of servers ?instead of one. A business that makes use of this service will not encounter any offline situation because when the main server is down, one server from the cloud will step in. With cloud hosting, the business will have complete access to high quality servers that could hardly be done by another kind of hosting service.

Another advantage can be traced from bandwidth. Take a scenario when your website is too high in traffic. Under the traditional system, your site will slow down thus reducing the performance. With cloud hosting, another server can pitch in to provide the needed extra resources to maintain the same site speed and performance. This feature eliminates the need to contact the host when additional bandwidth is needed in the course of the business. The other servers will be able to recognize the need and resources will be supplied to keep the site going at its fast pace.

Huge firms with large websites now opt for the cloud VPS host. Choosing VPS hosting, read here there will be a large physical server that can be shared with some other virtual private servers. Cloud VPS gives guarantee that the business will enjoy maximum uptime along with an efficient control of traffic.

Varieties of Study Table and Study Furniture

Every home requires essential furniture that is both versatile as well as multifaceted. The furniture in a home portrays the class and elegance of the owner. So it is important to choose furniture that adds to the décor of your home. There is quite a variety of home furniture available in different designs, shapes and colors. Essential and basic home furniture includes sofa sets, chairs, beds, coffee table, dinning table, study table, wardrobe and so forth.
Study Table- An Amazing Variety
A study table is one of the most essential furniture required in a home. Comfortable and right furniture is quite necessary to ensure that children can study for long hours without any discomfort and distraction. Although there are several pieces of furniture required in a study room, tables and chairs are the foremost among them. Storage shelves for books, colors, bags are also necessary but it is important to choose an appropriate study table for convenience and comfort.
There are quite a number of varieties of tables used for the purpose of studying and reading. Different types of tables include single tables, independent tables and complete wall systems. The multipurpose folding tables are quite popular and widely used as it allows children to paint, draw, write, learn and read. It can also be used for laptops and many other purposes.
Another variety includes the folding dining study table. These tables are versatile and can be used for various purposes. It can be fixed to a location if required. It is also portable. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these read here >hill climb racing hack tool tables are also used as dining tables.
There are tables with storage facilities for books, hardware, colors and other items. All personal belonging can be arranged neatly in drawers and shelves. Study table is also available in different types of wood like rosewood, mahogany and so forth.
Some tables have open shelves where as some have closed shelves. You can choose the number of shelves and compartments according to your requirements. Tables with drawers are quite appropriate to store books and other essential stationery items. A small cupboard is also included in some of the tables. Some shelves have transparent glass doors which are particularly gardenscapes cheats hack elegant and chic.
Metallic tables are also in vogue these days as it looks spectacular in a modern home. Matching chairs with these tables are also vital to complete the décor of your room.
Dressing Table- An Accessory
Dressers are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Luxurious and elegant dressers are magnificent pieces of furniture placed in bedrooms. It is quite essential for perfect grooming and to decorate your bedroom. Dressing table can also be used to store all kinds of jewellery and make up kits. Tables with large mirrors including double mirrors and triple mirrors can be availed today.
Dressers in different types of wood like mahogany, teak and pine can be bought at reasonable rates. Different styles of dressers are available in the online portals. Choosing the right type of home furniture can make a huge difference on the entire décor of your home.

Varieties of Psychotherapy And Their Applications

In today’s world there are many and different types of psychotherapy, each one varying in its approach to patients and it’s common and founding hypothesis and theories. And even though there is still no complete understanding of how the human brain functions, most of the therapeutic approaches are based on successful methods and provide a way to treat the problems , having as little knowledge as we have. A person must understand , however, that even though most of the therapies are efficient in their own field, they may not be as applicable in others, and that is worth being mentioned and remembered.
Let us begin with two separate schools of psychotherapy (or as we say in Denmark – lære mere om psykoterapi )which have later taken a common path. Cognitive therapy, as a type of therapy, bases itself on the notion that any and all troubles and mental illnesses are based on troubled and wrong perception of the world around us. Or said in other words, the way we perceive information to serve the purposes of our minds makes it difficult for us to see reality normally ,and there are always conflicts between what we think we perceive and what actually is.
Behavioral therapy works in a somewhat similar way, by stating that almost every mental problem is a consequence of repetitive incorporation into a person’s behavioral pattern. Said otherwise – we do bad things and we suffer from mental problems because of the constant repetition of certain behavioral models.
Both theories unified create cognitive behavioral therapy , which is hill climb racing hack tool one of the central modalities in psychology nowadays. What’s interesting about it, compared to the other very common and popular gardenscapes hack tool cheats type of therapy which we will mention later in the article , is that cognitive behavioral therapy bases itself on the idea that the past is not to be examined in too much detail, but rather that there should be some defined goals for treating the current issues of the patient for the future.
To the exact opposite of what we said in the last sentence about cognitive behavioral therapy, in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy, the approach taken is exactly the opposite – the therapist looks for events in the patient’s past that have lead him to be experiencing his current symptoms. Psychodynamic therapies are quite a lot slower than cognitive behavioral therapies, but may prove to be more useful in the even that you have a non-specific problem that requires more identification. To simplify the last sentence – if you have a problem with an addiction , it’s fairly easy to determine what your problem is. But if you can’t sleep at night and you don’t have an idea why, that may not be as easily treatable with cognitive behavioral therapy and may call for psychodynamic therapy.
Now that you already know the basic “flavors” of psychology , it’s read here safe to assume that once you visit your therapist you’ll know just what to ask and just how to determine whether they’re the correct person who can guide you through the correct therapy.

Variations Of MetaTrader Forex Platforms

There are various variations of the MetaTrader or forex trading platforms like the share this site MetaTrader 4 or 5, Tablet, PDA and SmartPhone platforms. So forex trading this days can be done anywhere, forex traders no longer need a computer or laptop with installed MetaTrader 4 or 5 and modem because Tablets, PDA and SmartPhones are more portable and lighter than a laptop or desktop computer and can be used to place a forex order anywhere, even if you are on transit.
The MetaTrader 4 is an electronic platform widely used by most forex traders, it is a software that was developed by MetaQuote software and it can be downloaded and installed by forex traders no their PC’s for accessing the online forex market and seeing real-time forex quotes, charts, orders and account management which can be done on this platform. This type of forex trading platform is more suited for beginners and newbies into forex trading for easy trading.
The MetaTrader 5 is an electronic platform that is not widely used by most forex trader, it’s a software developed but MetaQuote software and it can also be downloaded and installed from the broker’s site by world of tanks blitz cheats hack traders on their PC’s just like the MT4 and used for trading. It is more professional and can only be used by professional forex traders.
(Note: Both software MT4 or MT5 utilizes a proprietary scripting language, MQL4/MQL5 which enables forex traders to develop Expert Advisors, Custom indicators and Scripts.)
Furthermore, the PDA and Tablet forex platforms are also available for traders using Personal Digital Assistant and Tablets. This type of forex trading platform control a traders trading account through gadgets such as PDAs, Tablets and iPad. These gadgets runs a Windows pocket PC’s that are compatible with them and can be used to access prices, charts, orders and account management from anywhere, because of the portability of these devices.
Hence, the SmartPhone platform is the most portable form of forex trading platform that can be used from anywhere, it is installed on SmartPhones like Androids, BlackBerry, iPhones and so on. It is used to control a forex trading account through a mobile device such as SmartPhones that runs a Windows Mobile 2003, iOS and Androids. These devices are used to view real-time forex market prices, simcity buildit hack cydia charts, orders and account management can be done from anywhere with the help of this Smartphones forex platform. Trading can be done from anywhere because of the portability of these devices.
Finally, forex trading can be done this days on various forms of trading Platforms that are more portable and lighter than the laptop or desktop installed MT4 or MT5. PDAs, Tablets, iPads and SmartPhones are more portable and can be used to make forex traders from anywhere, at any time 24/7.

Varas Karim Kassim

Period (1878-1958)

Karim Kassim was the younger brother of Varas Bandali Kassim (1875-1956). He was born in 1878 in Karachi, where he acquired his formal education from Sind Madresa-tul-Islam School upto fourth class. He held a strong command in English, Gujrati and Sindhi languages. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was his classmate.

Karim Kassim left Karachi most probably in 1908 and made Hyderabad as his next home. He built a beautiful bungalow at Prince Aly Road, Hyderabad. The bungalow was an expensive and also an exclusive construction. Prince Aly Khan also stayed at the bungalow during his visit to Hyderabad. He had a vast flourishing leather business, and besides Karachi and Hyderabad he had its branches in Bombay, Delhi, Lahore, Agra, Kanpur, Quetta, etc. Karim Kassim was an owner of more than 100 acres of land on the bank of Phuleli river in Hyderabad, where he built beautiful gardens and residential buildings, decorated with latest swimming pools, known as Karim Bagh. He was the first in Hyderabad to introduce the motorcar and telephone.

Karim Kassim enjoyed prosperous and eventful life. He was a member of the Municipal Corporation in Hyderabad for 25 years and elected every year. He had cordial relations with the eminent individuals of his time, namely Nizam of Deccan, Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah, Sir Haji Abdullah Haroon, etc. He also had friendly relations with the feudal families of Sind, including Mir of Khairpur, Talpur, Mirs and others. He also had close contacts with influential British officers.

Karim Kassim was a dedicated social worker both inside and outside the community. The Viceroy of India also conferred upon him the title of Khan Bahadhur in 1918 for his meritorious services during the first world war.

On May 6, 1920, Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah said in the Kharadhar Jamatkhana, Karachi that, “I appoint Karim Kassim as my Wazir. Wazir Karim Kassim will execute his office as a Wazir of all over Sind and I tell to all the jamats of Sind to follow the orders of Wazir Karim Kassim and assist him in the community affairs.” The Imam also told him, “Wazir Karim Kassim, I congratulate for your office of the Wazir and bless you. Inshallah, you will work to enhance unity in the jamats.”

The Jamatkhana in Hyderabad was built in 1899, when there were about a hundred Ismailis in the town. The jamat increased after 25 years and reached upto 325. Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah donated Rs. 20,000/- for the new Jamatkhana. Varas Karim Kassim donated Rs. 10,000/- and other donors shared for Rs. 11,000/- The new plot was purchased for Rs. 18,000/- and Varas Karim Kassim laid its foundation stone on Tuesday, July 21, 1924. All the Ismailis, including Huzur Mukhi Hussain Alarakhia, Mukhi Rahmatullah Bana, Kamadia Vali Mohammad Suleman, Missionary Hamir Lakha, etc, attended the foundation ceremony.

Karim Kassim was appointed as the President of Khwaja Ismailia Sind School on January 20, 1926 and he was also the President of the Hyderabad branch of the Recreation Club Institute. He was also the first President of the Ismailia Association for Sind in 1928, formerly known as the Anjuman-e-Ishait-i Islam.

Karim Kassim also took active part to re-establish and re-settle a number of people who lived in the slum area in the interior parts of Sind. He extended his monetary support to set up and maintain small businesses for their livelihood. He also acted as the President of H.H. The Aga Khan Council for Hyderabad and Upper Sind, whose jurisdiction extended from time to time to Punjab and Frontier.

In 1941, the British India declared him as J.P. (Justice of Peace).

Karim Kassim is also credited to have arranged marriages in Sind and spent his own money in the ceremonies. Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah was so pleased with his noble service that he awarded him the special title of “Commissioner for Marriages” with a silver casket and a letter of appreciation in 1949.

He married more details twice. His first wife was Danabai, who gave birth of a son, share here Hussain and a daughter, Zainab or Jenubai. Zainab married to Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana. She was the first Muslim lady in India to be appointed as a parliamentary secretary in 1931, a post that she held upto simcity buildit hack cydia 1951 in the Sind Government. She was also elected as a member of the Sind Legislative Assembly in 1937 at the time of the separation of Sind from Bombay Presidency and continued to be M.L.A. upto 1952.

His second wife was originally a Hindu Rajput, called Khushali. She embraced Ismailism by the hands of the Imam and was named, Kulsoom. She was well educated and interested in the Islamic History. She also performed waez locally in Hyderabad, and was also the founder President of Ladies Committee. She died in Hyderabad on October 8, 1955. She was the mother of a son and six daughters.

Varas Karim Kassim died on December 8, 1958.

Vaporooter – Effective, Safe Drain Cleaning

When you experience blocked drains on your premises, it can be very inconveniencing. The drain can overflow which causes a big mess on your property, and a foul smell usually comes from the drain which makes the place uncomfortable to be in.

There are many reasons why drains can block including the presence of foreign items, hair, grease and an accumulation of leaves and hair in the drains. Roots of trees are also a cause of blocked drains as they are normally attracted to moisture. The roots crack the drainage pipes to get to the water and end up causing an obstruction. One of the most effective ways of safely getting rid of roots in drainage pipes is by the use of vaporooter.

About Vaporooter

Vaporooter is a chemical made up of dichlobenil and metam sodium which safely gets rid of the roots in the sewage pipes without causing harm to the environment. The metam sodium is absorbed into the roots of the trees and destroys them on contact. However, the vegetation above the ground that is not in contact with the metam sodium is not harmed.

Dichlobenil on the other hand inhibits the growth of roots. It attaches itself to the cracks, walls and joints of the pipes to ensure that roots can no longer crack, crush or block your drainage pipes for many years to come.


Vaporooter should be applied in your premises by a plumber who is a licensed applicator. The plumber will first have to insert a drain camera into your drains in order to see the insides of the pipes. He will identify the location where the roots have caused a blockage and will also check the fallout shelter hack tool condition of the pipes. He will then use a drain cleaning device like a jetter or an electric eel to cut the roots that are causing an obstruction in the drains.

When the tree roots are cut, they remove a sap which helps to heal the wound caused by the cut. This sap will therefore not allow the tree to take up the vaporooter. The plumber will therefore have wait for about six to eight weeks before coming back to carry out the vaporooter treatment. During this time, the tree roots which were cut are able to heal and shoot once more into the sewer pipes searching for moisture.

Vaporooter is then applied to the roots at this point since the new shoots are able to absorb it efficiently. This destroys the roots and prevents them from growing in the pipes for at least twelve months.


The use of Vaporooter means that you do not need share here to have the tree roots that are in the drainage pipes cut regularly. When tree roots in the drainage pipes are cut by the plumber, the action causes the pipes to get scratched simcity buildit hack cydia which runs them down. Regular root cutting will therefore cause damage to your pipes.

Another problem is that once the roots are cut, they grow back when they are thicker and stronger. This causes the cracks on the pipes to widen meaning sewage leaks onto your soil and more roots get an entry point into the pipes. The use of Vaporooter ensures that all these issues are dealt with efficiently.